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With increasing energy costs and depleting resources, it is prudent to search out alternative energy sources that are also environmentally safe. Solar and Wind energy have been used for many years and throughout time, technology and manufacturing breakthroughs have resulted in many affordable energy-producing products.


At East County Solar we utilize our experience to ask the right questions before decisions are made in customizing a system. After understanding your project, we help you layout a system that is sized to fit the anticipated electrical demands adding compensation for cloudy events, battery bank size, and others.


We have access to hundreds of different products giving you the options to shop and compare prices and customize your own system. If don’t have a full understanding of solar and wind technology we will take the time to offer you the education you want to help in making better decisions. Whether you are designing a system or have technical questions during the installation of your system we can help you.


There is much information to learn about solar and wind power applications and products. Understanding the way these systems operate will help you in making wise choices in whatever application you have. Please contact us with your request and we will send you the information you need to read at your own leisure.

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